Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's Raining Cacti!

Our homie Simone Legno has done it again. MORE Tokidoki vinyl toys and a blind-box set are heading our way to take the presidential flashcards out of our wallets and piggy banks! I just spent $160 on the rest of my tuition (J.C.'s are cheap, but not THAT cheap!) so how the heck am I suppose to buy all this stuff?

But I digress. The latest additions to the Tokidoki cactus vinyl friends are Bruttino and his feline pal Carina.


Look how cute Carina is! Check out her multi-colored fishbone bow. Eek! Too much cuteness going on!!!

And if you're done collecting the Moofia blind-box toys (like me!), then get ready for these little guys:

Cactus Pups

Every friggin' one is adorable. You can't go wrong with these pokey little canines! No word on exactly when all these toys will be released, but its expected to be sometime in November or December.

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