Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hello Blind-o

[photo courtesy of urban outfitters]
I'm a sucker for blind boxes lately. I have yet to find this in a blind box. ;) Anyhoo, on a recent trip to SF, I picked up two Hello Kitty Blind boxes at Urban Outfitters. These 3" vinyl cuties come in 12 designs, including a mystery chase the looks of the doodle on the box...a possible Batz Maru figure???
Again, you can't really go wrong with's Hello Kitty and all the prints are cute! I didn't get the ones I wanted, but I soooo love them anyway...fool proof I tell ya!
Here are my goods:
Ice Cream Hello Kitty

and the mystery/chase figure, Bling Batz Maru!
[dont 'cha love the "XO" bootie mark in the ultra hot Rosewood Standard typeface???]

1 comment:

Chemical Robotiks said...

this is one of the coolest adaptations I've ever seen of hello kitty. Damn, i need to find these