Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Heroes Season Two Day!

[photo courtesy of heroes myspace page]
Countdown to Heroes begins...

(though my personal countdown began the minute after the season finale of season one...)

To blow some time,

I've been visiting the Corinthian Hotel and Casino website.
[photo courtesy of the corinthian]

You know, the hotel and casino in Las Vegas that is ran/owned by the Linderman Group?

You don't need to sleep with Nathan or Jessica to get in. You too may be eligible to join their exlusive "Titan Club." Play their online casino games -- Slots, Poker, and Blackjack-- to earn points. This exclusive club is given cool perks such as discounts, special room rates, and free happy hour apetizers! Hmm...but they don't say how many points you need...

[click on the below pic to take you directly to your game of choice]

So let me know when you get in the club. Can I bum off some vip perks off ya?? ;)

There is SO much to do on the Heroes site. Stay tuned and I'll tell you other cool things I think you should check out. HAPPY HEROES SEASON TWO DAY!

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