Monday, September 24, 2007

Go Ninja, go Ninja, GO!

Paul Frank Industries is having a video contest on youtube where you can be a "ninja Star!" They're looking for ninja videos less than 2 minutes and are judging based on creativity, humor, entertainment value, skill level, and editing. for more rules check the Paul Frank Industries Youtube site at

The ONE winner (there can only be one ninja star!) will receive the very stealthy black Paul Frank City Bike and a Paul Frank Ninja Fleece sweatshirt complete with ninja hood!

The "Be A Ninja Star Contest" starts today and ends on November 5, 2007, so start flippin' out!

For those in need of some crazy ninja action NOW (and like me can't wait for their upcoming ninja hoodie), there is a pretty awesome T-Shirt they have available called Bad Ninja:

Ninjas are cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet!

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