Friday, August 17, 2007

Move over 90210...

[images courtesy of saks.]

Another popular zip code is here officially here today!
1 0 2 2 2

The Saks Fifth Ave in New York has a new shoe section that's SO BIG that it has its own zip code!

uh, when can i move in???

Ribbon cutting ceremony happened today at 9:30am with stylist to the stars, Mr. Philip Bloch (such a doll!). 10222-Shoe officially opened its doors today at 11:00am.
[old pic of philip with homechica, jLo (love her!) courtesy of the sydney morning herald.]

"10222-Shoe" will have its own express elevator, private vip rooms, and its own cafe. my, my my!

To commemorate this joyous (bordering ridiculous, like c'mon, its OWN ZIP CODE?) event, USPS has printed a special issue of stamps depicting shoes designed by some of the industry's top designers! Those who cannot make it to New York, you can purchase any shoe on saks, put in the code, SHOE, and you get the collectible stamps free! Ha, and if you don't want your stamps, I'd be happy to give them a nice home ;)
[images courtesy of saks.]

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