Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Avast Ye! Exclusive Comic Con booty!

warning: you are approaching waters that are curse with corny pirate slang. feel free to poke your eye out. poking eye out not suggested for all ye one-eyed pirates. because a nickname like "no eyed willy" sounds silly. well maybe don't poke, just read. at your discretion. aye!

Avast, me proud beauty! Wanna know why my Roger is so Jolly?
Because New pirate booty is coming out and will be set sailing at this year's Comic Con. Aye!

Me hearties,
WizKids, Inc. will be showing off their newest project, Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean PocketModel Game that will get ye deadlights excited. Aye, it's RPG (role-playing game for all ye bilge rats not in the know) or as they would formally describe it as, "tabletop games driven by imagination." Instead of using plain ol' strategy cards or traditional game pieces, card packs will include a styrene card where pieces are then popped out and Cap'ns and their crew can contruct 3D pirate ships seen in all three of the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies.

Each swag pack will include everything you need to set sail on the black pearl and pretend you're jack sparrow. Blimey! You'll get two ships to be assembled by the player, one island/terrain card, a treasure or crew card, a rulebook, and a die. Begad!

Handsomely now, men! Stop by the WizKid booth #2743 and check out the cool models.

Fair Winds, matey! See ye at the show.

[exclusive photos provided by WizKids Inc.]

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