Wednesday, July 25, 2007

hey, Preview Night Attendees!

[image courtesy of skinwalkers ]

After getting your badges, you gotta check out the exhibit hall.
and when you're done mapping out your four days at Comic Con,
head over to the SkinWalkers Booth and step into their cage and
come face-to-face with a skinwalker!

Oh hull, naw.
if a skinwalker looks like the brawd above with some snaggle-tooth-filled grill with them funky mystery white drips, I pass. Ya'lls let me know how all that crazy cage shizz goes.

but if you're a scardy-kat like me, try building up the courage, avoid the cage section at all cost, and pick up a Limited Edition Skinwalker Poster at the booth -- only 1300 have been printed!

The Skinwalkers movie will be in theatres on August 10th.
On Saturday, get your Skinwalkers poster signed by the producer and special effects artist Stan Winston, and the stars in the movie: Jason Behr, Natassia Malthe, and Shawn Roberts in the bewtween 11 am - 1pm at the autograph area.

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