Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lily Gets Fafi-fied

Mark Ronson's new album Version, featuring a beavy of guest artists like Amy Winehouse, Rivers Cuomo, Alex Greenwald, and Daniel Merriweather covering songs, is set to drop on July 10.

Version's second single is a remake of Kaiser Chief's 'Oh My God' featuring Lily Allen and the official video directed by Nima Nourizadeh can now be seen on Mark's MySpace page!

It seems like an ode to Who Framed Roger Rabbit? starring an animated Lily Allen that's quite reminiscent to the curvaceous Jessica Rabbit.

French graffiti artist Fafi (remember her from one of my earlier blogs?) makes her animation debut by doing the design of the animated Lily that struts about in the video.

Check out Lily's Fafinette makeover here .

(Fafi sketch taken from Mark's MySpace; Video still taken from Fafi's MySpace)

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