Friday, May 4, 2007

Fafi vs. LeSportsac: Tre chic!

Bagasm: [bag-az-im] When one suddenly experiences overwhelming happiness, sheer joy, and a "warm fuzzy" feeling in the presence of, or engages in physical contact with, a well-made, freakishly cute or beautiful bag, purse, tote, clutch, bagette, or any other fashionable accessory which one can carry and put personal belongings into. Size does not matter.

Now that we are all aware of what a bagasm is, it's safe for me to say I nearly had multiple ones when I heard that French graffiti artist Fafi was going to collaborate with LeSportsac for their Artist Series collection over a year ago. And thank the Fashion Gods, the wait is over!

The colorful print Fafi designed tells the story of a girl "who was looking for the magic in her life and discovers the tree that blooms LeSportsac bags." A tree that blooms bags? Oh how I wish it were so!

Fafi for LeSportsac accessories, handbags, totes, and travel pieces can be found at Urban Outfitters, Metropark, department stores like Macy*s and Nordstrom, and online at Karmaloop and the LeSportsac site.

I used my Small Travel Tote on Monday and as I was walking to class, some random guy said, "Oh, your bag is dope!" Plus my boyfriend has said that it's very "sparkly and colorful." And cute!
It's got the testosterone stamp of approval, ladies. Now go bat your eyelashes at your fellas ;)

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