Thursday, May 3, 2007

Word to yo MUTHA....

Yeah boyeeee...Mother's Day is coming up (sunday may 13) and boy, you better be ready. Wouldn't want Mama to open up a can of whoop a$$ on ya. Show yo Mama --- and yo baby's Mama and all mamas of the world, whether they're your gal pal, sister, neighbor, grandmama, or best friend's MILF --- your appreciation with the following gifts:

Square Egg Mold :: These will stop those slippery varmints from rolling off your plate!
High Heel Cake Server :: Oh so chic!

Chew By Numbers :: Your Personal Masterpiece!
Pantone Purse :: Looks like an actual Pantone Color Chip! Genius!

Abusive Stamps :: Express yourself.
Happy Knives Set :: Isn't pink so peaceful?

Collision Kit Organizer :: For those accident-prone Mamas.
Paper Orchid Flower Kit :: For Mamas with brown thumbs.

Herb Growing Tater Pots :: Great for Mamas with a Chronic disease ;)
WWF Adopt an Animal :: Forget a pony, Adopt a Zebra!

Smashbox Tokidoki Collection :: Mama will look Fab with these stylish palettes.
#1 Mom Trophy :: Add this to her collection of pageant trophies.

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