Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: Jewelry

(top to bottom: Jack Sparrow Ring, Davey Jones Ring, Pirates of the Carribean Skull Ring, East India Trading Company Ring, Pintel Ring. Above rings by Joel Harlow for Disney Couture.)

With the third installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series hitting theatres this Thursday, it's time to prep your pirate gear. Leave your parrot at home and make a sophisticated splash with fellow swashbuck fans and check out the Disney Couture Jewelry Line inspired by the famous ride and blockbuster.

Make a Coordinating Sword Set: Ring, Necklace that can convert to a pin, Double Sword Necklace, Wrap Bracelet, and Earrings. All Gold Plated with Swarovski Crystals.

Have your eyes on the prize?
These 18K gold plated Skull Necklaces with Swarovski Crystal Eyes are perfect for you!
Bling ain't your thing?
Try these 18K gold plated Necklaces: Single Skull Pendant and Wrap-around Long Skull Silhouette Necklace.
Nautical by Nature?
Make sure you have the Black Pearl Ship Helm, Black Pearl Ship, and Capt. Jack Sparrow's Hat on your next voyage!
Not diggin' the Gold?
Plenty of Silver (plated) to go around:
Pistol Necklace, Davey Jones' Key, Pirates of Carribean Skull with Swarvoski Crystals, Charm Bracelet, Sword Necklace with Swarvoski Crystals.

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