Monday, May 7, 2007

Entertainment Weekly's Heroes Five Cover Series

Entertainment Weekly printed Five different Covers of our favorite Heroes. I ordered my set online on Friday. My dilemma -- where can I buy a frame to hold this cool piece of art? The five covers "connect" to become one heck of a cool panorama of New York. I placed the images in Photoshop and connected it. (click below image to see detail)

The torn up ballots, the shattered glass, fire in Peter's hands, the rolled up Missing Ad, the orchid petals...what does it all mean? Don't we already know this though??? For all those who don't (what's wrong with you???) see more insight at EW's gallery of the covers and "get a clue!"

Us obsessed fans may already know the significance of each, but EW's gallery is still fun to check your mouse over the five covers and see clues just jump out at ya! Check out the Bennet's Cover and place your mouse over the glass. All together...OoOooOOo. ok watever. =)

Don't's Monday! Heroes on tonight! =D


Unknown said...

Ive been sleeping under a rock. What's Heroes?

Sweet Annabels said...

that's cool!