Friday, May 18, 2007

(any kind of) Diamonds are a gal's best pal

After seeing them everywhere on the web, I finally purchased these rings this past weekend during a little road trip to L.A. After our trip to see Gallery 1988's Show, I am 8 Bit, (and stopping by M Cafe de Chaya, JapanLa, and Turntable Lab) we whisked over to GiantRobot2 ten minutes before they were scheduled to close.

I purchased two rings from Alissiamt's Bling_Blink diamond ring series. They come in two thicknesses, an array of colors, and are either transparent or solid in color. I love the humor of it all -- it's an acrylic Tiffany-setting silhouette. ba-ba-BLING! hahaha. It's the Perfect placeholder while the Real ring is in the shop -- whether it's getting resized or waiting to be bought.
my two bffs:
my model pup charger & my 'diamond' ring
(photos featured photographed and edited by juligie)

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