Monday, April 30, 2007


Span of Sunset in Los Angeles recently re-upped their stock of the Bounty Hunter classic logo tee. White on black or black/red on white. In either color, the classic logo is a definite fan favorite. Make your move and jump on these quick as they're guaranteed to sell out.

(Images courtesy of Span of Sunset)

While on the topic of BxH, I picked up the November 2004 issue of Garden magazine at Munky King with a special feature interview with Hikaru Iwanaga. A very good read in three different languages (Mandarin, English, Japanese) that gives a little insight into the inspirations and meanings behind "Bounty Hunter" (Boba Fett, anyone?) , BxH around the world, and future of the trendy Harajuku brand. 120% pure goodness. If you can find it, I suggest picking it up.

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