Monday, April 23, 2007

Jimi wallets!

Janus Saint here, blogging using my trusty sidekick 2!

Jimi wallets have been out for quite a while but they're worth noting as they seem to be on sale in many places like urban outfitters. The tagline for the jimi is "The wallet for people who hate wallets" as they overcome many of the obstacles of regular wallets as they are organized, water resistant, and thin. They're also good alternatives to moneyclips, cigarette cases, and business card holders.

They have two types of jimi wallets. The original jimi can carry about 5 cards and has a removable moneyclip. The jimiX has the moneyclip on the outside allowing for more storage and can also double as a belt loop.

Here's my smoke colored jimi. I customized it with a #3 vinyl sticker. They come in all kinds of colors and are made of recycled materials. San Diegans will note that resident radio personality AJ from AJ's Playhouse on channel 93.3 has been making a daily topic of his switch to an orange colored jimi noting that they're great conversation starters.

I have transferred my huge oversized paul frank wallet to the jimi. I picked one up myself because my goals for this year has included getting more organized and simplifying my life (lifehacking).

- Janus Saint

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