Friday, November 7, 2008

Yes We Did!

To commemorate the historic event that took place this Tuesday, Nov. 5, MoveOn is distributing free stickers celebrating Barack Obama's groundbreaking victory featuring the art of Shepard Fairey -- who designed the Obama  "Hope" posters.

For a $3+ donation, you can get 5 stickers OR for a $20+ donation, you can get 50 stickers.

There are also 5,000 posters of the "Yes We Did -- Victory!" available starting Saturday, Nov. 8 at 12:30 p.m. ET.

Each print is hand numbered and the first 1,000 are signed by Fairey himself. Those who donate $500 or more will receive a signed print while supplies last. $80+ donations will receive an unsigned poster. 

All donations from either the stickers or posters will help MoveOn support Obama's future plans for the good 'ol (and progressing) USA in transitioning the country to a clean, green-energy economy, ending the Iraq War in a non-wreckless manner, and providing affordable health care to all Americans.

This is history, people! You have an opportunity to get in on it, so take advantage of it -- whether you get a free sticker or make a simple (or f*cking HUGE) donation. =)

Yay, America!!!

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