Friday, October 17, 2008

Booze n' Bots

The little watering hole in the bay called City Beer was poppin' on Monday night, even though they're never open for business on that manic day. Gama-Go held it's Octoberfest shindig there to celebrate the release of their latest edition to the Deathbot family: Deathbot Lederhosen.

The man of the hour.

It says, "6:00 pm Private Party Gama-Go." 

I'll go ahead and apologize for my lack of pictures from the event and what poor blurry quality the ones I did take possess. But they do fit in with the drunken state of mind I later endured during the party. =)

City Beer's 49 persons occupancy space was well exceeded as Gama fans and staff drank copious amounts of free beer (until it ran out) and chatted about all things Deathbot and all things not . . . Deathbot.



I don't recall what kind of beer was served since it was too loud to hear anything. But it was tasty. Trust me. This is coming from a girl who likes fruity cocktails.

Attendees were also able to purchase the beer stein clad bot for a sweet $20 -- not $40, like I said in the last blog. Want one? No worries! Prost with this guy for $22 at Gama-Go's site or NingYoushi. If you're in the bay, you can stop by NingYoushi's retail store Double Punch

City Beer is also a place worth visiting even if they don't have Deathbots all the time. Its neither a dive or fancy bar: its a specialty beer store where customers can sample beers and mix and match their own 6 packs consisting of domestic or international selections. They've got over 300 types of beers. Yes, 300. For more on City Beer, check out their spot on the interweb.

It was a good night of chatter and drinking. And wobbling. And getting headachey. Cheers to you all.

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