Thursday, August 7, 2008

They do exist!

Joe Ledbetter's Unicornasaurus made it's debut at the Kid Robot booth during Con a few weeks back proving to everyone that the mythical Unicornasaurus does, in fact, exist. 

Only 350 of the black and pink colorway, dubbed "lava," were made and sold as a SDCC exclusive. Want one? Good luck! On eBay they're going for (at most) $289.99!!! O_o

 But TODAY is the release of the grey and yellow Unicornasaurus. Catch one (or both) for $39.95 (+tax) at all Kid Robot stores before they disappear and go on eBay for a ridonculous price!

Comic Con 2008

Comic Con 2008

Comic Con 2008
[All photos courtesy of NiNa]

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Nguyen Duong said...

rad! dig your pics from the con.