Monday, February 25, 2008

Forty winks with Warm Whiskers!

From Dream Essentials come Warm Whiskers Eye Pillows, freezable/heatable eye pillows that look like sleeping animals and smell like, chamomile. The "Comforting friends with a calming scent" are must haves for anybody and everybody who likes sleep AND animals (and plain silliness)!

What better way to enter dreamland than with an animal curled up over your eyes?!

The Warm Whiskers Herbal Neck Wraps aren't too shabby in the strange but awesome department either.

Warm 'em up and they'll give off the soothing scents of buckwheat and lavender (almost like the real things?). They're freezable and microwavable (not advisable for the real things).

Excuse me as I write an apology e-mail to the ASPCA.

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