Thursday, December 13, 2007

Home for the Holidays.

Sorry for the lack of updates on my part. It has been a busy and tough quarter. It's all G though... I'm back home in SD to catch up on sleep and laziness.

A while back, I received a package from Enna (remember? Kami-Robo?) that contained an issue of QUANTO magazine; Japan's top selling magazine for toy model kit and hobby enthusiasts. To my suprise, They included a tiny photo of me with Yasui san in the insert the magazine did on the San Diego Comic-Con.

(Yeah, that's what I look like. My cover is blown. Don't come after me in the streets, ya punks.)

When I got home, mom left me some mail on my desk...

Fall 2007 issue of THEME magazine.

(In case you can't read the text on the left side, that hat is a large bra. Throw some D's on that _____!)

Also on my desk, a copy of Staple's 10th Anniversary look book featuring models Sakiko Ann Sugano and Maria Ozawa. I'm not gonna link them here, so google them yourself. Photos by Yonehara himself. He is awesome.

Cheap stuff for sale at Commissary (SD). This shop is always killin' it.

Gonna eat some Popeyes then go back to sleep. Should be up around 11:30 AM - Noon.


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