Friday, December 21, 2007

Handbags to lug into combat!

Sundae Best is a collection of handbags by Wisconsin designer and artist James Piatt. Born in San Diego California, his influence of Southern Californian Conceptual Art is seen of his many works of furniture, lighting, and in particular, his handbag collection. (Yeah being a male, I know I'm not the target market, but the military/combat designs were just too awesome for me to not take notice!)

The Pursuader (purse-suader! get it?!) is a sub-machine gun shaped laser shaped leather purse complete with a cell phone holder in the clip. For those who like to live life like a battle, they're available in silver or pink.

Knock people out with "The Peacekeeper 300", a handbag with brass knuckles for a handle. Its available in multiple colors and materials, and guaranteed to make you rule the streets.

For those not into weapons here's something a little more morbid! "Tinkerbell" is inspired by Paris Hilton's denied dog of the same name addressing the issue of carrying a small dog as a fashion accessory. Unfortunately, as of this writing, these puppies are sold out.

Finally, there is the less intimidating but just as fashionable "Chesterton", which combines the best of old and new style and technology.

Ladies ready for war will immediately report to James Piatt/Sundae Best. Dismissed!
All photos Copywright 2007 James Piatt

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