Monday, November 19, 2007

Magnifying Glasses: The New Paintbrush

Magnifying glasses are sometimes misused by little boys who like to watch insects burn and squirm on a bright sunny day. Darren Robinson, of Phantom Planet, has found another use for the so the so-called insect torture device, but don't worry, folks. No living objects are harmed in his way either :)

Instead, what Darren does is burn hand drawn images onto pieces of wood with a magnifying glass along with the aid of the sun's rays. The process of creating one piece can take anywhere up to 7-25 hours -- it all depends on the size of the piece.

Here's a snippet of Darren at work:

[For other videos, go here]

The finished product:

Darren Robinson_03

And here are other pieces he has done:

Darren Robinson_02

Darren Robinson_01

Darren Robinson_06
(Phantom Planet Logo)

Darren Robinson_10

Darren Robinson_09

For more information, pictures, and a better explanation, be sure to check out his MySpace page for his solar art. If you like what you see, add him! And if you haven't heard of the band he's in (where've you been, buddy?), go check them out because Phantom Planet is good for your ears like chicken soup is for your soul.

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There are way too many people doing this now