Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sign Language

Hi LL,

Your boys at FF got cool stuff, but I need to propose some changes.
Don't worry, the look and feel will be there, just some updated versions.

Per FF:
My (Leo) Horoscope says:
"Your day is gonna be Totes rad! Someone your meet on your J.O.B. = L.O.V.E."
Oh so true! Way rad day and the somoneone I met at j.o.b. is Work. and yes, i L.O.V.E. Work! Who Knew? Crazy.

So, I think I should do as FF says...
Instead of getting Bamboo earrings (at least two pairs) can I just get one pair and have my other pair be these Horoscope Earrings???

Okay, I'll make sure to replace a Fendi bag with this enviro-happy reusable Chi shopping tote. Ferocious Lil devil like moi, no?

But I'll keep my bad attitude just the way you like it.

Thanks L!


[photos courtesy of Fred Flare]

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