Thursday, September 6, 2007

Work it, Girl!

New job equals a new look. And who should I turn to for inspiration?

Well, Barbie of course!

She's been in the business of looking good since 1959. Yes, I know looks aren't everything. But first impressions count, so you gotta look sharp! And i do like her charm and charisma (see, looks and personality!) and hey, she's held plenty of jobs through the years.
Gotta love the ambition on that chica!

Secretary Barbie is a newly released doll (available since yesterday) and she's looking ultra chic with her yellow twin set and herring bone pencil skirt! And she even comes with a notepad, portfolio, and a pencil. She is ready to take down them notes!

Career Girl Barbie is cute from her head to her toes! She is adorn with a rose-accented cloche hat that coordinates with her tweed suit. The red turtle neck is lovely -- i love the red, white, and black combo -- oh so chic!

The Interview Barbie Doll will be releaded on October 27. She is wearing a faux fur-trimmed jacket (PETA would be so proud!) with a matching skirt. Her gloves and gold clutch may be overkill for the workplace, but this working girl will be ready for a fancy happy hour. Yes, I do think so!

All three Barbie Dolls are Golden Labels, meaning no more than 25,000 pieces were ever created (except for the Secretary Barbie, which has no more than 81,000 units.)

[all photos courtesy of barbiecollector]

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Anonymous said...

I saw Secretary Barbie on the back cover of a back issue of Haute Doll I have. She's sooo pretty and I love her accessories.