Thursday, September 13, 2007 Web Store Opening

Just when I thought opened its internet doors, I thought the web store would be all ready to go. If you roamed around their site, you would know that I was wrong. Boo hoo.

However, the NBHD site opens its web store TODAY.

The web store currently stocks two web exclusive tees.

(Images via

Vog Tee (Long Sleeve) 7350 Yen ~ $64.31

Vog Tee (Short Sleeve) 6300 Yen ~ $55.13

The yen to dollar exchange rate is relatively weak right now so it's a good time for those overseas purchases. Most Japanese retailers DO NOT ship internationally. Shoot me an e-mail if you need a proxy to make purchases and ship em out to you. I know some pretty good ones that have better rates than some of the web based proxies out there.

Have a good day, folks. Don't suck.

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