Monday, September 10, 2007

Fergie for Kipling

Yes, another celebrity bag line.
And So? We gals don't mind. Us girls can't get enough of bags/purses/totes/ yay!
But really, Miss Fergie's line is looking kinda cute and has something for every type of gal.

The Nice Scout line is for the nature gal with an edge. Fergie-esque camo print, mesh and leather detailing, bronze hues are smoking hot for this fall. This line will be out sometime this month.

The Naughty Scout line is for the Fergalicious chica mamaz. Hot pink lip prints, gunmetal, and stud hardware give this teaser some edge. MEOW! This line is coming out in October 2007.

The Dutchess line, set to release in November 2007, was inspired by the plaid outfit Fergie wore while prefroming in the 2006 Billboard Music Awards. Bold pink, preppy plaid, and a silhouette tasel print is perfect for any prissy princess, but throw in that goth yet chic black, and gollie, you know this prissy princess wears that crown proud and with a bite! SO loving this line! =)

What type of gal are you?
I'm for team Dutchess. =P

[fergie for kipling photo and purse photos courtesy of kipling. billboard music awards photo courtesy of rolling stone]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I know these bags where released ages ago, but I cant get enough of them even now!
I love the Dutchess collection and Im getting one for christmas!
I already have a handbag from the Naughty Scout collection, which I love so much!