Thursday, August 2, 2007

Watch out Kob...

If you were the lucky few that picked up Kobe at Comic Con, have no fret.
Your Kobe has a playmate! or I suppose an arch enemy.

Upperdeck's All Star Vinyl series is releasing the LeBron action figure on August 7th at 9:23am pst (is the time symbolic of something? :23=Lebron's number?) They are to release four versions of LeBron - A Red Road uniform, a White Home uniform, a Black uniform, and a retro uniform.

[away vs home]
Each variant will of course be limited...the most being the Red one, which will have 1500 produced, while the Black one being the most limited at only 250 figures.
[retro vs black]
Just like Kobe, the Retro Lebron is actually an event exclusive for attendees of the National Sports Collectors Convention in Ohio.

Lebron is not new to the vinyl game.

Upper Deck has already launched The LeBrons, which were based on the popular Nike Ads.

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