Thursday, July 26, 2007

Preview Night: Conquered and Pooped (already)

holy moly. if Preview Nite was only for the selected few -- press peeps and multi-day pass holders -- i am scared for the sold out saturday crowd. Preview Nite was packed! and oh, the smell. good gawd, its only the first day people!

anyhoo, though i parked really far, got dizzy a couple times, (ha, i don't do well in crowds, thank goodness for the on-site medics, but don't worry, i didn't use them. yet) and was not able to get all the free stuff i wanted, (because of the crazy long lines and them "running out") Preview Nite was fun =)

enjoy a tiny peek of the hoopla...

G4 Stage - watch them as they film live throughout the weekend!
KidRobot booth where tagging was preferred, but SOMEONE was way hoggin it...
Way Cool Naruto and Bleach Characters
The most comfortable looking booth -- best place to set as the "meet up" place
Isaac's NY Apt/Paint Studio aka the ultra tiny Heroes Booth
(hello??? do they even understand their popularity???)
Darthea is yo mama ready to partay!
_____ in a box! that's huge!
Mister Lover Man...JABBA!
WAY Want...
( stop buying, lucky for simone, im a sucka.)

comic con,
we had a great thing going. you. me. some friends.
but now. oh now. gollie, why are you so popular?
and better than ever???

[photo taken by MURSE1 © All rights reserved. ya best ask him for permission if you wanna use it]

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