Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Comic-Con Back Track...

To hype things up just a little more for the events this coming week, I thought I'd share some pics from Comic-Cons of the past four years and reminisce a little.


This was the first year that I didn't bring a camera and instead relied on a homie's newly bought digital camera. Unfortunately, these are the only decent pictures that I was able to find and they're both of Aria Giovanni.


I was kinda sorta into Eliza Dushku's show Tru Calling. I tried to get a decent picture, but the best I could do was take a picture of her on the projection screen. Lame.

Robotech Skull Squadron valkyries premiere courtesy of Toynami.

Sagat jackin' my hat. He also threatened to tiger uppercut me if I didn't pull up my pants.

Claudio Sanchez
's (Coheed and Cambria, Prize Fighter Inferno, The Amory Wars) first comic-book "The Second Stage Turbine Blade" release with art by Wes Abbott. The visuals really help understand the first half of their first album.

Chula Vista, California native and actress Adriana Sage makes an appearance. Giggity.

Those damn Uglydolls...

Those damn Wayans Brothers... HA! Just kidding. I forgot what movie they were promoting here.


Wes Abbot and Claudio. I was only able to get Wes' autograph the year before so I came back to have Claudio sign the first issue, second issue, and Coheed's first and second albums. It was that serious.

I'm pretty sure we'll be running into this guy again...

OMG MEDICOM SB DUNKZ IN THE FLESH! Hey... I thought it was dope.

Sick ass bearbrick ring. I'd get this over one of those Vivienne Westwood ones...

Back when I had an iPod Shuffle, I wanted this iKub by Medicom. I lost my shuffle, though. Bummer.

I need to find this girl again.


A huge munny at the Kid Robot booth.

Camo Nosferatu figure by Futura.

Some safety and emergency procedures in the event of any snakes on a plane.

I caught up with Claudio... AGAIN. One cool cat he is.

Homegirls from Secret Base. When I asked about the vampire bites on her neck she replied that she now has "eternar rife." I then asked her if I can have that too. She giggled. That was it.

Simone Legno of Tokidoki working a a quick piece I asked him to do for my niece, Lauryn. The baby character looked a lot like her back then.

Sooooooo cute. I'm sooooooo jealous (of Kaori). Wait... what?

That's all for now, folks. Stay tuned for more pictures from this year's CON. Hopefully of more famous faces, new releases, antics, booth babes, blahzay blahzay blaaaaah.

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