Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hell Yeah!

Tara McPherson was asked by Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy, to redesign Hellboy and have it turned into an 8" toy to be produced by Dark Horse. Tara's awesome interpretation is limited to 450 pieces and is $79.99. Hellboy won't be avaliable until August 15, but you can pre-order him as of now . . . as in right now!

The toy will be on display at this year's San Diego Comic Con at the Dark Horse booth. And on July 27 @ 3:oo, Tara and Mike will have a signing to promote their collaboration at the Toy2R booth.

Tara will once again have her own booth where she'll be selling toys, original prints, and other goodies!

Don't forget, there's only 450 of these guys, so if you want one act fast while they're still avaliable for pre-order!

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