Friday, June 8, 2007


i'm jealous.

i wanna go to the BOTCON!

All you East Coasters (and richy die-hards) are so lucky.

The BOTCON 2007 will be
at the Rhode Island Convention Center

General Admission is on Saturday June 30 - Sunday July 1

(crazy die-hard admission starts wed june 27 with your cape cod tour)

You luckie Son of a Guns get to meet the voice of Megatron, take a Transformer Figure Customization Class, enter your artwork to win cash prizes, learn how to make 3-D displays for your Transformer Figures where you will learn basic casting skills, play in the ATTACKTIX Tournament, visit HASBRO, see the cool Figure Previews

and way coolest part --- see the Transformer Movie (and help out a local charities) before anyone else.


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