Friday, June 15, 2007

Bon Voyage

(Nike Philippine Air Force one, found on:
I'm going on an adventure to see the world!
Well... just the Philippines anyway.

As of June 17, I will be on hiatus from Okee Dorkee until July 9, as I'm not sure what my access to the internet is going to be like when I'm on my trip. However, I did stumbled across a list of stores to check out for urban clothing and the likes so I'm going to try and check out what I can and will report back when I return.

I'll be hitting up:

NikePark (basically NikeTown)

(pic of team pilipinas)

Analog Soul

Team Manila

among other stores. Be prepared because I intend on taking TONS of pictures =)

I'll be staying generally in the Metro Manila area with trips out to Lucena & Cebu to visit family. If you know of any other places to hit up, let the folks at Okee Dorkee know and I'll do my best to try and check them out.

Until next time dorks...

Here's some pics from my last visit to the Philippines back in January 2005:
(San Antonio, Cavite)
(Roadside @ Taal Lake)

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